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Laying on existing patio and add channel drain

My landscaper is starting to lay the new patio 600x900mm on top of existing patio 600x 600mm and he added channel drain by the property. Some part of the building will be only be 80mm from damp proof course and some will be 130mm when the new patio are put in. Will the channel drain actually help to avoid rising damp in the future? Any other concerns they doing that ?

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A channel drain if correctly positioned and installed will stop any surface water getting onto the outside wall of your property. The damp proof coarse is still above ground level so you should be ok.


Answered 7th Jul 2018

Although technically it will be ok as the water won’t be able to reach the property. It still doesn’t meet regulations as 150mm below damp is the required by building regulations.


Answered 7th Jul 2018

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