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Windows & Door Fitting

Are there fensa fitters who will fit supplied windows

Anonymous user 6 July 2018 - 12.00 PM

I want to replace three windows, can get new windows at what seems like a good price and just wondered if there are fensa fitters on here who would fit them (torbay area) or do they only do supply and fit?

2 answers from MyBuilder tradespeople

Anonymous user

A lot of people supply there own an just pay a tradesmen to fit them. We have fitted loads for customers who have supplied there


7 July 2018


Ben Saville
Rating: 5 out of 5558 reviews

Some customers provide there own windows/doors and pay the fitting cost. However I would ensure that you check the measurements with the fitter before ordering as there are fitting tolerances and potentially specifications such as toughened glass, fire escapes etc that you as the homeowner may not be aware of.


17 July 2018