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Levelling a garden with 3-4 manholes

My back garden is very sloped (house at high point and garden slopes down for another 2 metres?), and with 4 manhole covers, one is realy for people to get down for inspection together with another manhole cover these two are at the house's ground level, then the rainwater with a large chamber and another sewers are at the lower level point.

I'm looking to build a retaining wall as close to the house as possible (maybe 4-5 metres depending where I measure) to maximum the flat area at the lower level. so the large inspection manhole 's location becomes an issue.

How do I find out if these are private and not shared with neighbours, and if can be moved or just sealed? Or if not possible to touch them at all, what kind of a specialist I need to give me advices on the retaining wall depth and how I can best arrange my garden with all this holes?


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All access point of manholes or any exspection chamber should be remained to be accessed at all times especially when is joined with neighbours or for any others access. I would investigate research local authority to find out more to see if there in use etc. Otherwise design your garden around the man holes by making a feature of them in a designed way. Good luck and think out the box but make sure they can be access easily at all times.


Answered 8th Jul 2018

This is really something you need to have someone come from the trade to inspect and they with be able advise as to what service the manholes/inspection chambers are and advise in your options


Answered 21st Dec 2018

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