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Building a second storey on top of an existing side extension but unsure of foundations.

Hello. My home already has a single storey side extension. I am contemplating adding a second storey to it but unsure how good the foundations are. Unfortunately, we do not have any grass around the side extension so there isn't an easy way of digging down. How would a builder check that the foundations were good enough to build on? Thank you.

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Firstly I would strongly not recommend guessing that foundation would accommodate first floor if this wasn't apart of the original plan.
The best way would be to somehow expose foundation by doing some trial holes with structural engineer and building control officer they will advice you.


Answered 13th Jun 2018

It would become part of the planning and building regulation process. BC would request trail holes before approving any specification.

If you wanted to check before outlaying any money on drawings or applications you would need to dig a hole to expose the foundations. It is the only way unless you have original extension drawings.

Once exposed BC or an architect should be able to give you an indication of their suitability.


Answered 15th Jun 2018

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