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Do i need a timber on top of my drawf wall or can the joists sit directly on the wall on top of dpc?

Hi all,

I am installing new floor joists on my ground floor. I was hoping to remove the 2x4 timber laid on top of my drawf walls to give me 2 inches extra space.

Is the original timber laid on the drawf wall required, or can I lay DPC and the joists directly on top? Thanks!

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Flooring Fitter

Hello Theoooo, the wall plate is used during construction to level the floor and fix the floor joists to it, It should also have a damp proof membrane underneath it. On an old property that may have been a layer of tar. You will have no way of fixing the joists to stop them moving, prior to re boarding the floor. You must always use a damp course in any event. I would replace like for like, or use a 1 x 4 wall plate gaining one inch. Just a thought, but if you l lower the floor you will need bigger skirting boards or to adjust the plaster work.


Answered 1st Jun 2018

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