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What is the best method for removing paint from brickwork on a late victorian terraced house?

I'd like to remove the white paint from the exterior of my house. I'm not sure when it was painted, or why - the brickwork seems to be sound, but I'm worried that the removal of the paint will uncover some problems underneath. I've heard that sandblasting can damage the bricks. Can anyone recommend the best method?

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Sandblasting will definitely damage the face of the bricks.the best way to get rid of paint is acid washing.


Answered 22nd Jan 2012

Hi, sand blasting is your best option, my son's a sand blaster and i can tell you it doesnt damage the brick at all, infact its probably the best option when it comes to bringing the brick looking like new again, but might have to have it repointed as it will most likely take some of the mortor away depending on how old it is
hope this helps


Answered 6th Feb 2012

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