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Plasterboard for kitchen

I require my kitchen ceiling replacing after a water leak, I have posted the job on here for plastering but I am thinking of doing the boarding myself to keep the cost down. Do I need to use moisture resistant boards or would normal plasterboard be ok ?
Reason I ask is because I can fit 1800 x 900 boards in my car but not 2400 x 1200 and its expensive to get them delivered as I only need 4 !.

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Normal 12.5mm plasterboard will be fine to use. Make sure you screw them up against the joists and stagger the sheets to avoid straight joints in both directions. Also measure the joists before you put everysheet up as a full sheet doesn’t always work.


Answered 21st May 2018

You can use normal plasterboard in the kitchen then plaster finish.hope this helps


Answered 21st May 2018

You don't need to use moisture board I would recommend framing out ur ceiling then using the 9.5mm 6x3 boards one they fit in ur car yes as u say plus they are lighter to hold up especially when doing a ceiling can be tiering on the arm's hope this helps


Answered 22nd May 2018

Use 6x3 9mm boards find ur joist mark on wall on both sides off the wall make sure u stagger the plasterboard use long enough screw's 45mm should b fine you don't need to use moisture boards as there for bathrooms hope this helps all London plastering


Answered 22nd May 2018

Hi guys
Standard drywall plasterboard to your kitchen ceiling would be okay/skim coat finish..
Once dry give white wash
Simple job done ✅

Hope it all goes well

Best Regards


Answered 16th Jun 2018

Normal boards will be fine, once plastered use bathroom or kitchen paint to provide a moisture barrier.


Answered 11th Jun 2018

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