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Grass ontop of heavily compacted but good top soil

We cleared / raked and removed weeds from our top soil. It was great quality and could grow anything well. However it was covered in a 6 inch bed of top soil for 3 years and became heavily compacted. If we want to lay rowlawn on it should we rotovate to a depth of 4 inches and then tred down. Rake again and then lay the grass?

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I wouldn't advise laying turf on the heavily compacted soil as the roots won't bed in, so yes rotovating and leveling it off to a softer compaction sounds like a good idea.


Answered 24th May 2018

Yes rotavating is the best way to lay turf as you want a fluffy bed for the roots to take root quickly, this is the best way to get quality in the turf you are laying


Answered 25th Nov 2018

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