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Are old wire type fuses now illegal?

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In short No! The current edition of BS7671 (2008 as ammended to 2011), still allows for old BS3036 re-wireable type fuses. So they are not illegal.

This said they are a pretty crude circuit protective device when compared to the protection and speed of operation of Minature Circuit Breakers and Residual Current Devices, both of which are really the normal expected standard these days.

If you have old re-wireable (fuse wire) type fuses, then it would be advisable to consult a registered electrician with a view to getting a quote to upgrade the fusebox to a modern Dual RCD and MCB unit.

Its worth noting that a fuseboard upgrade/change like most electrical work in the home these days, is covered by both BS7671 and Part P of the building regulations. As such the work should only be carried out by a registered electrician who is a member of one of the self certification competency schemes; NICEIC etc.

Using a registered electrician in most cases will be a little more expensive than an unregistered cowboy, but they will do the job properly, issue you with an installation certificate and register the work with the local authority, whereas the cowboys wont!

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Answered 13th Jan 2012

Electrical Safety Services

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Illegal to install. Not illegal on existing instalations. Would recomend upgrade to a 17th edition compliant board if you can afford it.

Answered 13th Jan 2012

kevin cassidy building contractors

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No they are not Illegal as you put it ! the correct term is do they comply with BS7671 which is the regs.
The answer is they do comply,however they donot give you earth protection,only overload protection,a new dual RCD consumer unit with MCB`s will.(the MCB`s,replace the old fuses with fuse wire), which you have and just turn back on when they blow.

Hope this helps
Let me know if you need a quote for a new board

Thank you

Answered 13th Jan 2012


Member since 8 Oct 2008

Only on a new build or rewire, it is best to upgrade to a 17th edition, they are much safer

Answered 17th Jan 2012

TJS Electrical Services

Member since 14 Jul 2011

Not Illegal- but not up to current standards

Answered 13th Jan 2012

ICM Electrical Services Limited

Member since 10 Nov 2011

Yes still legal! But not to current regulations. Aaron

Answered 13th Jan 2012

A Jeavons Electrical

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Answered 13th Jan 2012

Apex Electrical & Building Services

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