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Moving window and door and part of wall

I posted a job to block one of the 2 back doors up and change a window for a door (just swap them round). Also need part of a wall 35 inch moved back 24 inch. But I’m finding it hard to even get a price, or anyone to do it. Any advice or tips would help me as could do with it doing. I do have a plaster who can make good if they did not like doing it.

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To block up a back door you if the outside is brick work then you need to first match the brick with what's there and tooth out witch means take the half bricks out in the old wall . When building laying the bricks you must put wall tires in the wall as when building it . Every six course and stagger them . These are to hold together the to walls then when building the inside wall you will need a starter bar witch help ties the wall together . As building the wall you also put insulation in th middle .To change a window to a door you need to take the window out and cut down in line with the edges or the window to the DPC. And repeat again on the inside. You will to arange to get a plaster to make good around the inside.


Answered 14th May 2018

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