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Can i fit a multi fuel stove with this chimney??

I would like to show a photo of my chimney at the fire side as it looks different to what i was told it would look like,there was a gas back boiler with fire fitted
and took out just before we bought the house
I would like a stove in its place,mainly for fuel costs but i do like to see flames
problem is as always cash flow isnt what it used to be,i done a bit of research online and now i dont want to get ripped off,
i live in west lothian scotland if there are any fitters in the area???
there is a hole in then wall,about 800 wide x 600mm high
i can see the old liner is still there and goes thru a kind of thick lintel the size of the chimney,it looks to be solid concrete with about a 80mm hole in the middle and 2 slots either side of it,all i can see is breeze block i tried to get someone to come and estimate afitting but never turned up
any help please????

Ill try and make it a bit clearer
The chimney was made for a coal fire when the house was built about 25years ago
it is a 8" clay lined stack which looks brand new still
I would like to ask if I got the internal clay adapter would it be OK to use this without a liner???
The old liner is now out ,the local coal man put a smoke bomb in and said it looks good to him with no smell or smoke anywhere other than the top where it is meant to come out then covered the top and nothing until it started to come back down the chimney,

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If your fitting a woodburner the existing liner wont be usable, a gas liner and solid fuel liner are completely different.
These works should be carried out by a Hetas registered installer and a cerificate of compliance issued, he will also advise what needs to be done.
If you go down the diy route, you need to contact building control, pay their fees and carry out the works to their satisfaction.
You will also need to be confident climbing on the roof with a 10m stainless steel liner on your back.

Answered 12th Jan 2012


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As above, I (and i think most other HETAS qualified installers) would always advise dropping a liner down through the centre of your existing clay liners. Not only will this give you peace of mind but will also increase the efficiency of the appliance as it will be running on the correctly sized flue.

If you do not want to stretch to this then at the least a full pressure test should be carried out where both ends of the flue are sealed and the smoke is left in there for 10-15 mins. If there are any leaking joints (which there nearly always is with clay liners) this is when it will be shown - not just by doing a draw test.

Martyn Heywood.

Answered 17th Jan 2012

Chimney Care & repair Ltd

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as chimney care & repair said a smoke test will be better always take advice from people who are in that field go on the hetas web site and there is a link to registered fitters who can help

Answered 6th Apr 2012

olivers installations

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