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How can i get rid of rabbits and pheasants?

Hi I'm plagued with rabbits and pheasants how can I get rid of them?

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Hi, Rabbits are easier to control as you can put a rabbit proof fence around the property.
Pheasants are more difficult as they fly control is a challenge, you could shoot them, get a dog and hope that it chases them or try a gas propelled bird scarer, you can get plastic birds of prey to put in gardens.


Answered 9th May 2018

Hi, I’m currently working on a garden that’s plagued by rabbits, it’s a country garden and you would expect there to be a few, but the few are causing so much damage to newly planted plants and trees. My brother has lawfully shot some with an air rifle as a means to reduce their population and as already stated rabbit mesh around the entire garden to is advisable - remember to bury at least a foot below ground to prevent them digging in.

Pheasants are protected by law in the close season and can not be shot however from October until the end of February they are fair game and make a hearty meal. Many will say try hanging CDs from string to scare them away but they soon become comfortable with this and ignore them, as with the plastic birds of prey. A dog or cat would flush them from your garden on the whole I feel that shooting and fencing would be your best bet if you feel comfortable doing so, if not a reputable pest controller would be advisable.


Answered 16th May 2018

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