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How to plant new grass seed.

Previous tenant plowed the back garden in an attempt to mow it. Looking to plant new grass in the back garden of a house I am renting and need some advice what to buy and how to go about it.

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HI it depends on the state of the soil the ground will need leveling and any weeds removed, you have several choices you could import some good quality top soil and go right over the top of existing lawn filling in all the low spots.However this will raise the level of your lawn.If there are not too many weeds you could rotavate the area and then level the soil however these machines can be quite a handfull and you dont want to use one if the ground is really dry,.If you decide to rotavate then it might be worth adding some bideford sand to the soil this will aid drainage in clay soil.Do not rotavate if there are lots of weeds as they will regrow from the smallest chopped up root. What you need To end up with is a fine tilth this is a loose layer of soil with not to many clumps in, you then walk up and down slighty compressing the soil do not use a roller.Then lightly rake the area again spread your seed , lightly rake over once more,Then water every day.Any good turf supplier will help you make the right choice of seed, and can normally supply top soil and will be more than happy to answer any questions.Hope this is some help Pete.


Answered 23rd Mar 2011

I agree with Chapman Fencing.But I would suggest turf if you want to use the area this summer.When you lay the turf work off scaffold boards on the turf as you go.That flattens the turf you have laid.Spray the ground as you go to keep it moist.Stay off it for a couple of weeks.Give the area an autumn lawn feed after 6 months.Any shrinkage dont panic fill the gaps with soil and seed.Dont do the last cut too late in the year and dont cut it too short.
Regards Doug.


Answered 25th Mar 2011

the quickest way to make a lawn woul be to turf it, seeds take a long time to grow into a lawn,if the area is" ploughed up" just rake it level and roll the turf out keeping the edges tight and keep it well watered untill established,regards Terry.


Answered 21st Mar 2011

hi this is a very easy job if you can lay your hands on a garden roller just rake over the soil to level then roll it and scatter the seeds all over making sure you seed all parts get some tin foil put on a piece of string and tie to a stick and do this in several places over the ground this will help prevent birds eating the seeds and water every couple of days malc


Answered 22nd Mar 2011

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