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Light grey sandstone calibrated paving mortar mix and slurry help please


We have Brett light grey sandstone calibrated paving to lay in the the garden,
The sub base is all complete and we are on to the paving and just wanted some opinions please,

We are going for a 4:1 mix of Silver sand and white cement (to stop stains) would any plastersisers or anything else need to be added?

Then we were going to make our own slurry with the white cement and SBR
Would this be ok? Or any pre mixed better alternatives that won't undo the work of using silver sand/white cement in the first place?
Also what is the best ratio for the slurry?

Thanks guys

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Landscape Gardener

Silver sand isn't coarse enough for bedding mix you need sharp sand. I don't know what you mean by staining but i think you mean effloressence bloom or maybe just spilling it? Either way white cement or grey won't make any difference either way. 6:1 sharp sand/cement, no additives are needed plasticiser will actually make it weaker. Slurry mix is down to the brand, usually 1 water, 1 sbr, 4/5 cement, check the sbr bottle and follow instructions for a bridging bond, it should be fluid. Larsen do a dry bagged premixed slurry. Full mortar bed and bedding every one in is important.


Answered 30th Apr 2018

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