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How do i lay a slab base for shed on a slight slope

I need to lay a base of slabs to sit my shed on but the bottom of my garden has a slight slope. How would I be able to lay the slabs on a slight slope to get a level base?

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Hi. In order to get a level base for your shed which is on a slope, You would have to build or construct a retaining wall to build up the lower part of the slope. Can be made from bricks / blocks / railway sleepers / slabs.
I personally would recommend railway sleepers for more affordable and effective way. Also the alternative would be to build a decking platform for the shed.


Answered 26th Apr 2018

This depends on how much of a slope you have.
You could take down the high area slightly and build up
Lower with mot ( hardcore ) which you need anyway to get solid base
Good luck! Kev.


Answered 14th Oct 2018

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