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Cracks in plaster is this normal?

The house is from the 1930s all walls covered with lining paper
We have started removing the lining paper which is coming off very quickly and easily.
The walls are cracked thin hairline cracks is this normal or should I be worried?
We are planning to have walls replastered or skimmed
But just concerned if walls should look like this ?

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Yes i have come across this a lot so its normal ,The problem when you skim blown cracked walls is the could crack again ,but now 2018 there is a fiber mesh that can be bedded into the first coat and no more cracks


Answered 24th Apr 2018


This is why your walls are covered in lining paper.
Too much cracking to paint on, and cheaper than a re-skim.
From my experience this is very common in period properties with sand/cement rendered internal walls.
Things dry out shrink, move, crack etc.
The problems arise when the render sounds 'hollow', tap the walls as though you were tapping on a window with a knuckle.
If it sounds hollow this means the render has detached from the wall and will need to be removed and replaced in those areas prior to re-plastering.
The wall won't fall down, but it will add to the cost.

Hope this helps,


Answered 22nd Apr 2018

Also I may ask what was you using to take the paper of a lot of people use electric wallpaper stripers witch pump out steam which is to hot for the plaster behind the paper if this is not the case then re-skim is a must for the age of the house cracks are very common hope this helps many thanks steve


Answered 24th Apr 2018

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