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I want to install lighting and power to a garage in a block approx 50 meters from the house. does anyone have any experience of this? would bracknell forest council likely agree. approx cost.

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yes pretty simple job , would require 6mm swa cable from your DB to the garage were there would be another garage unit with 32amp circuit breaker and a 6 amp breaker both protected with and rcd main switch


Answered 19th Mar 2011

Hi there. Were extremely familiar with this type of installation. Providing that its your land that the cable is crossing then you should be fine. We can also check with the local council to confirm. We would provide an NICEIC Electrical installation certificate which will cover the Part P of the building regulations which is required by law.

Depending on what the power is for, will determine on what size cable and what size protection devices are to be used. The lower the protection devices the better. The supply leaving the property must be protected by 30ma RCD and appropriate overload protection. We can accomplish this by using a RCBO device.

Armoured cable will most likely be the best option supplying a small garage type consumer unit within the garage block. Again size will be determined on what is required. The new garage type consumer would consist of some form of RCD protection with independent overload protection for each circuit used. The best option available is a main switch with independent RCBO protection for each required circuit. This minimises inconvenience in the event of a fault, as only the circuit with the fault is lost.

We could also protect the garage block from intrusion if required and install a device that will call or text you on unauthorised entry. No phone line is needed and the device can be operated from any authorised mobile phone also giving text input options. Ie Lights on - off / reset alarm / open door / unset alarm / heater on / arm alarm etc. All this can be tailored to meet your exact requirements. Hope my information helps. Regards SecElec


Answered 20th Mar 2011

you shouldnt have any problems with putting power in the garage sure the council wont object but you would have to use armoured cable and make it a seperate supply for safety reasons hope this helps


Answered 19th Mar 2011

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