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Why is the paint from my new plaster wall flaking and peeling?

Hi. My 2 bed flat was fully re-plastered about 10 months ago. In the entire flat, there is a small area (about 5" by 20"), beneath a wall-hung radiator, where the paint is peeling, flaking, and dry. This is an exterior wall. The wall does not appear to be wet but just cold. If I close my eyes and feel different areas of the wall, it all feels the same. If the rad pipe was leaking behind the wall, what are the signs to look for? Also, how do I fix this problem? Thanks in advance for you help!

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Hi trekker
Unfortunately this is a bit moor common then you would think seams no reason but a bit of paint work is failing. Try sanding the area down and applying Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 primer sealer this is one of the best on the market and should stop it then decorate as normal.

Answered 12th Apr 2013

ADB Painting and Decorating

Member since 12 Feb 2013

Definately sounds like neat paint has been done on bare plaster.... Plumber probably wanted to put rads back on so the walls behind more than likely would not of had a "mist coat"..

Answered 9th Jan 2012


Member since 26 Oct 2008

This is more likely to be a decorating problem.It sounds like the new plaster wasnt "mist coated" before painting.New plaster is very porous and putting emulsion straight on new plaster can result in paint flaking off.

Answered 9th Jan 2012

Roc builders

Member since 25 Aug 2011

I would normally agree with Roc builders and they are spot on but i would expect it to be happening in more than one place if the walls were not primed correctly.. you would need to have someone look at it.

Answered 9th Jan 2012


Member since 8 Sep 2011

I think Roc builders are on the right line. Probably down to the prep work. A bad thing to do is slap silk paint straight on walls, that would flake especially if rads were turned on a bit quick.

Answered 9th Jan 2012

T J Hubble

Member since 18 Aug 2009

this sounds like the wall wasnt "mist coated" when the job was re plastered and the heat from the radiator has dried the paint out to fast and it has began to peel,i think the best way to fix this is to scrape off the new paint that hasnt keed into the plaster and give it a coat of 50% water - 50% paint and then 2 cots of normal emulsion this will seal the problem area and protect it from further damage

Answered 9th Jan 2012

BuildIt Construction

Member since 4 Jan 2012

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