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Why is the paint on my new plaster flaking and peeling?

Hi. My 2 bed flat was fully re-plastered about 10 months ago. In the entire flat, there is a small area (about 5" by 20"), beneath a wall-hung radiator, where the paint is peeling, flaking, and dry. This is an exterior wall. The wall does not appear to be wet but just cold. If I close my eyes and feel different areas of the wall, it all feels the same. If the rad pipe was leaking behind the wall, what are the signs to look for? Also, how do I fix this problem? Thanks in advance for you help!

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Hi the only possible reason for this is that when a newly plastererd wall is painted it is always recomended to give the wall a very washy coat of paint (well watered down) this will give subsequent coats a key to stick to. What happens if you put a neat thick coat of paint straight on new plaster the plaster will suck the water out of the paint and the paint will powder and peel off. To remedy this clean off all loose paint and treat as above, hope this helps you.


Answered 9th Jan 2012

hi when newly plastered wall is done you need to apply a 50/50 watered down cheap emulsion paint to act as a primer before painting, to remendy your wall rub down all the loose and flacky paint and paint on the 50/50 watered down paint and then paint the wall in your desired colour, this will solve your problem, many thanks gary


Answered 13th Jan 2012

Sounds to me like the miss/sealing coat was forgotten under the radiator prior to the top coats....peel as much off as possible until it stops peeling sand down the egdes....then apply 70% paint 30% water mixed, allow to dry then apply your top coats..


Answered 9th Jan 2012

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