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Raised plant beds on patio

Planning to install 'woodblocx' raised planters on a patio, however the patio is uneven in places and not having the time/funds to relay the patio, what would the best way to bed down the planters plumb onto the patio, ie sand,a dry mix,etc

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With this type of construction the rule of thumb is to get the first layer plumb and level and then the rest should follow suite. You could dry pack them and fix to the patio (if it is strong enough) and there are many options with what you could use to pack it up to achieve this.
It would be something that would need to be seen to further assess and find the best solution. We hope this helps!


Answered 30th Mar 2018

HI two ways I would approach this ,

1. if the planters are there to stay ,all you need to do is lift the patio slabs from underneath the planter ,apply some grey chippings in there place ,this way you can re level your area ,once box is on top you will not see underneath ,plus you will have nice drainage .

2. you can raise the planter with the use of feet .this way if one foot is bigger, then this can level things out ,just use the off cuts of the wooden blocks.
when you put the block planters together ,line them on the inside with some geo textile membrane this will help with rot over time .



Answered 1st Feb 2019

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