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Sound insulation on wooden floor in a 1st floor flat

I'm removing the carpet in my flat and restoring the original floorboards (Victorian) underneath to go back to a wooden floor. I'm conscious of the neighbours downstairs so i'm putting 100mm Rockwool Sound Insulation Slabs in between the floor joists. I'm trying to find out what I ought to put between the floorboards and the joists to take out as much footfall noise as possible. I was looking at the Rockfloor sheets but I wonder if they're unnecessary, plus they push the floor up by 25mm, too. I've also seen that on top of them, it's recommended that you put 19mm of plasterboard. This would push the floor up by 4.4cm, which seems crazy.

I'm looking for a sound deadening product that can go between the floorboards and the joists, then just the Rockwool Sound Insulation Slabs between the joists, if this is possible.

Also wondering if anyone has used the GypFloor SILENT system?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi ! I recomend regupol look it up i have worket with it many times cheers


Answered 21st Mar 2018

Regupol is the best product for this situation..varies from 3mm to 7mm


Answered 2nd Apr 2019

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