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Can you lay a new patio on an old one?

I have an existing patio which has been there for around 6 years now and not moved at all. I am looking at laying my new patio on top.There are a few beneficial reasons for this.

1, This will then bring the patio a little higher than the lawn.

2, The step out from the house will be the same level.

3, I can reduce the fall from the house as the angle is severe right now.Could someone please advise what the best way is to get it prepared, ready to lay new slabs and how best to lay the new slabs? What tools, machines and materials would I need?Thanks

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If you raise it too high or too close to existing damp proof course (DPC), than water could penetrate inside or cause a raising dump on walls. DPC is close to floor level, look for black plastic or slate between the bricks. Potential repairs would be costly.
It is possible to reduce the angle of patio, but not completely, it needs to drain water away from the building.


Answered 19th Mar 2018

Your outside ground level against the house walls needs to be at least 150mm below your damp proof course to prevent penetrating damp.
Good luck Alex


Answered 19th Mar 2018

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