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Moving boiler

We need our combi boiler moved from upstairs back into kitchen where it was. Curently its directly above the spot where it was so basically the pipes were extended to put it in upstairs bedroom. All the fittings/pipes are still in kitchen and we also have cooper pipes etc if required. Any idea how much it may cost? I live in Bilston, Wolverhampton. Thanks

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Without viewing your work, if it is as described, I would expect the works to cost in the region of £ 400. If we were to carry out the works this would include chemically flushing the system, adding a chemical inhibitor, re-commissioning the appliance and carrying out a combustion analysis test on the appliance and providing you with a print out of same.

For your further information, we would travel to you to carry out this work at no additional charge.




Answered 18th Mar 2011

if the job is as straight forward as described i would say you would be looking at about £300.00

regards brian


Answered 20th Mar 2011

four hundred pounds no problem. Only employ a gas safe registered gas fitter, not a kitchen expert


Answered 21st Mar 2011

i would say this work would cost between £300 £400 to far for me to travel thou from south wales


Answered 21st Mar 2011

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