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What is the difference between a balanced flue stove fire to a conventional flue stove fire please?

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Hi. in other words the conventional flue takes combustion air requirement from the room volume and up the flue and away. balanced flue is taking combustion air from outside,and also emitting the products of the combustion out through the same flue,different section! either natural draft,or forced draft with a fan!

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Answered 7th Jan 2012

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Conventional chimneys rely on the natural circulation of heated air to expel the products of combustion up your chimney.

Balanced flue appliances are sealed from the room in which they are installed and a twin-wall pipe vents directly outdoors. Air for combustion is drawn in through the outer pipe whilst the inner pipe removes the combustion gases to the exterior of your property. Depending upon the stove selected, the twin-walled pipe may exit horizontally through an external wall or vertically through the roof.


Answered 8th Jan 2012

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Conventional flue or cf for short is of the style of a normal chimney, balanced flue or bf for short is the square or oblong metal flue which you can see on side walls of buildings.

Answered 6th Jan 2012

sovereign plumbing and heating

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