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Replacing hot water cylinder in bathroom and electric water heater in kitchen


I am currently in the final stages of buying a detached house built in 1900. The current water system is a very very old hot water cylinder (immersion heater?) fed by a water tank over it and this is in the upstairs bathroom (above the kitchen). The whole house is run by electric and cannot be made to have a gas supply unless we are willing to spend tens of thousands which we aren't.

Firstly we would like to replace the current system with either a vented or unvented hot water cylinder and we are wondering what the best option for us would be. We have good mains water pressure but currently no loft access. Ideally we will want to have enough hot water to cover at least two showers a day, washing up and general day to day with potentially a bath or two a week. We will also be looking into getting a new bath installed with a power shower above.

Secondly, the current kitchen is so antiquated that it needs to be completely redone. At the moment the hot water comes from what appears to be an electric water heater above the kitchen sink and all of the wires and pipes are outside of the walls. We would like to have what i would consider a 'normal' system where hot water just comes out of the hot water tap without the need for an electric heater switch above it and we would like all of the pipes and wires to be inside the walls.

What are our options? What recommendations do people have for us? Any advice would be super helpful please - this is our first home and we are totally lost at the moment!

1 Answer from a MyBuilder Plumber

if you are going to have an unvented cylinder ,have your main checked first,you may think you have good pressure but it may not be good enough ,have it checked for pressure and volume of supply but do the check at times of high usage ie 6am to 9am and 4pm to 8pm,if your main is not good enough and you can open up loft and fit cold water storage cistern in there and a vented cylinder below both of witch can be sized to suit your needs,this can then be piped to serve your kitchen as well,but you will need a pump for your shower,there are electric combi boilers on the market witch you could install as long as your main pressure and volume allow .


Answered 7th Mar 2018

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