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Whats the best way to fill gaps between pine floor board

I have several floor boards which have come lose or have 4-7mm gaps between them.

Can wood filler be used? If so are there any recommendation, failing wood filler what else can i do?

Many thanks.

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hi what i used to do is mix up sawdust with pva and fill in the gaps then next sanded the sawdust to blend in to the floor

Answered 18th Mar 2011

Finebuild Builders

Member since 26 Feb 2009

You could use wood filler, if the floor is strong enough and hasn't got too much flex. you may also be pushing your luck with wood fillar in 7mm gaps. you may find it soon drops through. Personally i would lift all the floorboards, refit without the gaps and place in a new board to take up the slack. if you are worried about colour matching the wood (new with old) swap a length from a room that is covered in carpet with the new piece and use the old in the exposed room. Don't try and ram the boards together just incase they swell, although they have probably stabilised by now. if you were trying to fill the gaps because of drafts, then while the boards are up place some insulation between the joists. b and q doing 5 m2 for 3.49 a roll. Fit by partly banging 4" nails in to the bottom of the joist every 600 or 700 mm on both sidesand lay the rockwool gently on to that. hope this helps. regards Jez

Answered 18th Mar 2011

Fendex SW

Member since 29 Jan 2009

i would use a granwax filler resin that you mix with the dust from the floor this is flexible and will hold in most of the gaps so long as the boards arnt loose the larger gaps could be splinted we use door stop normaly if you make sure you hammer it below the surface of the wood you can fill over the top making sure the splints are hidden and providing the perfect base for the filler.the floor will need sanding before and after doing this but the result will be worth it

Answered 18th Mar 2011


Member since 7 Mar 2010

yea I agree with Devon , use floorboards from another room that are covered so cannot be seen and replace those with new.

Although the advice from G Burniston is spot on if you have small gaps and want a seamless finish on a floor then i usually sand down the existing floorboards to generate saw dust mix with pva and use it as a filler to fill any gaps and it is ideal as the filler is the same colour as the floorboards but in this case your going to need a hell of a lot of sawdust to fill these gaps!!

Answered 18th Mar 2011

Bayley Property Services

Member since 21 Nov 2010

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