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If a bulider has to change things because building regs asks him to. who should pay for the atlterations?

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the customer of course ,building regs are forever changing ,and while we all try to offer as detailed quotes as possible ,if the bulding inspector wants extra stuff/regs adhered to it can only be costed to the customer ,ie we always charge for 1m dig for footings but chances are dependant on area we might have to dig further we do not know until we dig and it is inspected and passed therefore every 100mm extra dig is more muck away and more concrete cost to fill ,you surely dont expect the builder to cover hidden costs do you ,there should be a programme called customers from hell ,trying to ask customers for extra payments is a builders nightmare and is also when most jobs end in arguments ,when it is plain to see the builder has not priced for these on his quote ,so why try to con him or make him feel bad for asking for the extra payments ,then insulting him and all the rest of us honest trades on ere with a question like this ,its plain and simple you pay for any extra works that are not on the builders quotation its easy now pay

Answered 4th Jan 2012


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The home owner is responsible.

Answered 4th Jan 2012


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In my opinion certainly the builder, unless you agreed for some reason that work should be done in a way that does not comply with building regs. The builder should know what work is covered by building regs. The plans required are then submitted before the work starts. If approved by building control, then the builder copies what is in the plans. The inspector will inspect daily if needed, it costs no extra. The only exception is if building control make a mistake. So if plans approved by building control specify a beam 6" x 4" for example, and builder puts in a beam that size, and then building inspector turns up and says he wants a bigger beam, then in my opinion building control would be liable. But generally, a competant builder will know instinctively what is right and what is not. But not always, Building Control are far from infallable, and Building Inspectors are far from infallable. I would need to know all the details to advise correctly, we employ a Building Inspector to draw up our plans and routinely advise so we never have this problem. If you can tell me more detail and email plans or drawings I can then certainly give you a lot very accurate advice.


Paul Albright

Answered 4th Jan 2012

Aspire Housing

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Hi Wookie,

Your builder should.

Kind regards


Answered 4th Jan 2012

Rebel Carpenter

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It depends on if it was an unforeseen foundations having to be deeper than standard strip foundation. Otherwise I would assume all the building spec was on the plans so the builder could only price for what is stated. If there was no spec and a building notice was served, then the builder should be competent and would know the present building regs. So if he's priced off plans its for a full job so should stand the extras

Answered 4th Jan 2012

jd kent

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he should as he should be aware of current building regs and legislation

Answered 4th Jan 2012

The Bathroom & Heating Co Ltd

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If building regs were in place & your builder has ignored them or overlooked parts then any alterations requested are his responsibillity

Answered 4th Jan 2012

m w building construction and property maintenance

Member since 28 Sep 2008

Well thats a trickie one, depends who has spoke to building control before the work started, if the builder has spoke to them then he should know wat materials to use , if this is a drawing error then who designed the bulding should foot the bill,

Answered 4th Jan 2012

Reading Bathrooms and Kitchens

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