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What type of paving to use on a very damp patio


I am looking for some advice.

I have a small patio attached to my house. It does not get any sunlight through the winter and only partial sunlight through the summer (and very little during the autumn and spring). It is surrounded by high walls on all sides so doesn't get much airflow.

It currently has concrete slabs which are pretty unattractive and seem to take a long time to dry.

It is surrounded by raised beds on 3 sides and the back of the house on the 4th.

I would like to have the patio relaid, as I hate the concrete slabs. I am wondering whether there is any type of paving that is better for damp patios. The slabs get incredibly wet and moldy. I pressure wash the whole patio a few times a year but I would love to find some slabs that would require less maintenance and, more importantly, would not get moldy over the course of the winter.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

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Polystyrene Slabs will work wonders.
CMG answer is good.


Answered 22nd Feb 2018

You have to remove the concrete completely and start a new concrete with waterproof, to waterproof the new concrete you have to use SIKA1 for concrete. And make sure you leave a drainage system on the side or middle do not leave the drainage next to the house make sure the water goes away from the house.
This time you can use any slabs that you want.
If you put slabs on to the concrete that you explained you slabs will start to move or damage on few months.
Good luck.


Answered 21st Feb 2018


If you remove the current surface/slabs, you could look too lay a new concrete base with a slight fall into a drainage system, whether thats eco drains or other soak aways, a good survey/survivor who comes to quote you will be able to recommend the best possible way of resolving your problem, after that a good option is to look at Resin Bound surfaces, they are anti slip, plus finished with a smooth hard wearing low maintenance porous surface, with good sub base you can apply it from 15mm to 25mm should the concrete surface be slightly falling away from your house, with resin you’d have a completely flat surface and the water would run into the drainage system through the stone.
It’s also comes in a number of great colours for each special requirement or personal choice.

I hope this helps, should you require further information please do not hesitate in contacting JHB Resin


Answered 24th Feb 2018

You will have to remove the old concrete patio and install weed liner which water runs through, then type 1 base, then fine grit screeded off, then drainage block paving the blocks with wider gaps. Then sweep the fine grit in the gaps of the blocks then wacker plate down. The paving can now breathe. Hope this helps


Answered 31st Jul 2018

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