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Gaps between skirting and floor


We’ve just had our skirting boards undercut and engineered wood flooring laid to avoid having to use beading. The skirting was undercut very unevenly and so there is not a straight or consistent line between the skirting boards and the flooring. The flooring company have suggested using mastic as a fix but having done a bit of googling I can’t see that this is the done thing (nor the finish that we were sold!). Do you have any other suggestions? We want to avoid having to remove the skirting and reapplying as we have now moved in.

Thank you in advance.

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You have two options:
1. If the skirting is stained, there is no easy fix, so the skirting really needs replacing and fitting properly.
2. If the skirting is painted, it CAN be filled with flexible caulk and painted over. This is a tried and tested method for gap-filling skirting against uneven walls.


Answered 14th Feb 2018

Depending on how big are the gaps you could use a silicone to fill them if the baseboards are finished.
For example Mapei has wide range of colors and some of them may match your flooring/skirting.
Or just go with a white one if the woodwork is oil painted in white too.


Answered 16th Feb 2018

In all honestly there is no proper fix for this, unfortunately there are only 2 options either use a scotia bead to cover that gap (which I know you didn’t want in the first place) or pull the skirting off and replace it with new other wise there will never be a clean cut line between flooring and skirting


Answered 14th Feb 2018

Hi Robert, I suggest you go back to whoever cut your skirting boards 'very unevenly' and get them to resolve it. You are right, filler/sealant is probably not going to 'cut-it'. They should replace the boards really. Robin


Answered 14th Feb 2018

To be honest I would of made whoever done the job to do again.
With regards to the gentlemans answer above this.
If the skirting is being painted then I would use a product called gap grip and chaulk in the gaps sponging off with warm water allowing to dry then painting in the straight line.
Im a decorator and have done this more than a few times.
Regards Simon


Answered 14th Feb 2018

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