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The walls in my new home are made of plasterboard and they have not stuck to the brick walls where they have been dot and dabbed. what options do i have in getting this fixed?

This problem is occurring right throughout the house and as I see it there are two possible solutions - One would be to rip them all down and start again (this seems a shame as they are all in quite decent condition and there are a number of walls affected) - or the second option is to anchor all the boards in a number of places to make it tight against the brick work. Then I am guessing that all the walls can be skimmed? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Hi Paul, I have seen this problem a few times and it would be a shame to have to take all the boards off and dry line and set again but something I have tried a few times and it works for me is to make a few holes in the boards and pump in filler foam. If this works for you its a cheap fix and you only have a few very small hoiles to fill.
Hope it helps-Kevin.

Answered 3rd Jan 2012

kevin cassidy building contractors

Member since 16 Dec 2010

Sounds like the proper adhesive hasnt been used, if its as you say a new house, then get the builders back to rectify it.
There is a board adhesive ( foam ) that could be applied via drilling 10mm holes in the affected areas, plus use the appropiate mechanical fixings.
But as the problem isnt contained to one particular wall and is in several rooms then it should all come of and refixed properly.

Answered 3rd Jan 2012


Member since 29 Oct 2008

you could try a mastic gun the type used for applying mortar to brickwork joints and drill holes so that the nonnle is a tight fit and force drywall adhesive into the holes, when dry this should stick the plasterboard to the walls, regards Terry.

Answered 3rd Jan 2012

tm property services

Member since 9 Mar 2011

hi their ripping them down is going to be costly and time consuming,with not looking at the job not knowing how bad it is u could cut out squares over the efected area then re dot and dab,it will look like a patch work quilt but be ok to skim hope ive helped

Answered 3rd Jan 2012

gary diss property maintenance

Member since 23 Sep 2011

If house is new, then this should be covered by the NHBC 10 year gauarantee. Can you not make a claim against the house builder? It would be their problem to do it and compensate you accordingly for the disruption.

Answered 3rd Jan 2012

Electrical Safety Services

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Hi we have come across this problem a few times,we have rectified this problem by cutting holes in the affected boards and using a foam. It is to expensive to remove boards and redo,we found that the ones we redone the plasterers invovled had used ordinary bonding,a poor substitute for the correct adhesive, hope this helps you.

Answered 4th Jan 2012

Maltby Plastering

Member since 4 Jan 2012

if the house is new and under NHBC control then a continus bead of adhesive sould be applied to the perimiter of the entier wall, and at 600 centres,
this is for sound and air, u might find that the plasterboard id de-laminating from the dabs as the board could have been very damp when applied, you need to contact the builder to see what the problem is, if it is a de-laminating problem the the plasterboard supplier should sort this out.

Answered 4th Jan 2012

Reading Bathrooms and Kitchens

Member since 17 Dec 2008

hi foam is your best bet its called dry-fix 10mm hole required

Answered 16th Jan 2012

JNR - Plastering services

Member since 16 Apr 2008

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