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Order to do things in/ who to speak to about extension and moving a bathroom

Hi. Please bare with me but no real idea where to start. We live in a 1900s 2 bed mid terrace and want to renovate to get extra space.

Downstairs there's a glass/pvc lean to next to the kitchen but it's always freezing and not really a good use of space so wanted to knock through into the kitchen and the dinning room as well. Our joining neighbours also want to extend so figure doing it at the same time would be beneficial to both of us.
Our second thought is to turn our large bathroom at the back of the house into a third bedroom and put a smaller bathroom next to the master bedroom at the front of the house. It would probably need a window adding in at the front too. We know this has been done on other houses in the street so are presuming its possible for us to. We would also want to remove the chimney breast in the master bedroom to make up space taken by bathroom and move the boiler out of what will be the new bedroom (it needs replacing anyway).

So who do I contact first? Council building regs or planning permission people? An architect or designer or structural engineer? Builder or project manager?
What time scales are we looking at? And any general guidelines to cost? I was figuring 20-30k depending on kitchen specs for downstairs and then 5-10k for moving the bathroom, knocking down chimney and boiler replace/movement? Then a 5k contingency budget? (I know it's too vague for anything particularly accurate but an idea for our budgeting is welcome).

Thanks if you've read this far - I'm full of ideas but clueless where to start and don't want to go into anything blind so any advice/tips very welcome! Thanks! Lucy

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Hi Lucy.

You've got some ideas which is a great start. We have a very simple 10-step guide that explains the process on our website here:

But, my recommendations are as follows:

1. Get an architect/technician/designer (lets use 'architect') to come out and visit to talk through your scheme. You have your own ideas but they should be able to give you other options that you may not have thought about that add value. An experienced architect should also be able to give you an insight in to what's required structurally. Generally, most things are possible with the structure, it's just a matter of cost!
2. Get 3 quotes from architects to provide concept designs and planning drawings (if needed). I say 'if needed' because what you are doing will likely fall under your Permitted Development Rights is extending no more than 3m to the rear (single storey).
3. You will need to consider the drainage and plumbing if moving the bathroom - how easy is it to install a new soil pipe in the new location?
4. It sounds as though you will need planning permission to install the new window at the front but high chance of approval if others have done it on your street. Planning applications take a minimum of 8 weeks.
5. You will need to employ a structural engineer once new plans have been drawn up to include new structural support details for the chimney removal and opening op of the ground floor at the rear.
6. Once you have made relevant planning applications you will need a construction/technical design package which includes all the relevant information to pass a Building Control Plans Check including the structural design and calculations. This process is to check that the work you intend to carry out conforms to Building Regulations. Probably 4-6 weeks for the architect to draw relevant information and get the plans approved by BC.
7. You may also want a new Mechanical and Electrical design layout which can be completed by the architect.
8. You will then have sufficient information to get a detailed quote from a builder for the work. We suggest sending the package out to 3-4 contractors.
9. Have the architect provide the contract administration and monitor the site progress against the agreed contract and programme.
10. Based on the information above i'd suggest a 4 month build programme.


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Answered 12th Feb 2018

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