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I have removed one third of a set of outside steps. They were 3 slabs across, now 2. Where I removed the steps and rubble underneath, I'm left with a gap about 25 cms wide and 1 metre long. I am going to build a trough planter to go into this space - just a simple 1 metre long, 25 cms wide, 60-70 cms high. My question is how do I repair the side of the steps as currently it is an open mess (bits of brick, rubble etc) I do have a picture so will upload if possible. *I can't upload the pic but can send email/whatsapp it if need be*. I just want to make it flush and flat so the trough planter just slides straight into the gap. I assume just cement of some sort but wondered if anyone could advise a little around prep, what to consider, aftercare, etc.The trough planter will be made from deckboards.

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Simple sand and cement will work fine , just trowel it off nice and flush.


Answered 10th Feb 2018

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