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What would be good in this garden?

Hi All,

kindly see attached photo of my garden(11.8 metre X 5.4 metre). it is offsite garden about 2 metre from my front door. I live in first-floor maisonette,

I would like to renovate my garden, My budget is about £1000. I am willing to do whatever I can.

here are some questions and my ideas on the garden.

1) I would like to paint my fences, I would like to paint sth like light blue. currently an oak colour
2) would you paint the shed same colour with the fences? if not which colour would be your choice?

3) is deck paintable? currently brown. what to do to maintain it?
4) stones are almost grey. I will try to clean it by a pressure machine. should I use just water or any detergents etc?

5) what would be good in this garden? small water thing? paving? any ideas please?

edit/ it is south-west facing. all parts of the garden get sun

thanks in advance

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Painting the fence would definitely brighten up your garden, just make sure you are using a decent exterior paint.
Stay away from painting the decking as this will wear very quickly due to foot traffic and very quickly become un sightly. just give it a good clean with a pressure washer not too close and stain the timber. Buy some decent containers and plant, this will look nice on the patio. A nice arbour would look nice too and give you somewhere to sit. Hope this helps.....


Answered 1st Feb 2018

Definitely painting the fence will brighten up the garden with a light colour, I would recommend using a oil based paint as this is harder wearing I would also paint the shed the same colour. I would recommend jet washing the decking, let it dry then use a decking oil treatment - I’ve found that the ronseal is the best product for me. Also if there is no paving I would definitely recommend I little Indian sandstone patio. Many thanks OB Landscaping - Hope this helps


Answered 3rd May 2019

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