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Leaking onto newly plastered wall after re-roof

Hi Guys,

I've recently had a new roof done as the old roof was probably the originally one and was riddled with cracks, moss and raised tiles.

I had no quibbles with the original work, they came on time were tidy and very communicative throughout. We had plenty of quotes and went on recommendations. The company are members of the FMB, amongst other accredited certifications and the roof is guaranteed for 20 years.

Unfortunately after the bad weather we have started seeing a significant amount of damp appearing around where the external the chimney breast is in our bedroom and onto the ceiling where it joins the wall, initially I went up on a day it was dry and everything seemed fine so I assumed it was a chimney breast issue.

However I've gone up today as its torrential rain outside and it is dripping like crazy from what looks like the edge or surrounding of the chimney onto a joist thats runs horizontally across the chimney breast then dripping down (every second) into a gap which is assume drops down onto my bedroom wall.

We've had very small damp patches previously but nothing seriously noticeable but now it's signifcantly growing and i'm getting small salt deposits under our picture rail on the wall.

I've contact the owner of the company who is sending someone out today.

My main question is to other roofing specialists, would you expect your customers to ask for a part refund to cover having the wall re-plastered.

I've asked a friend who plasters for a living and he advised that once the issue has been fixed to take away the new plaster on the wall let it dry out completely and re-plaster.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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This sounds like an issue with the lead work around the chimney and/or the cuts that have been put in around the chimney.

Yes you are within your right to ask for a part refund or have the owner of the comapny arrange for the plastering to be redone.

Kind regards


Answered 24th Jan 2018

May not be roofing or lead soaker fault. Water could be soaking through the chimney and going in behind lead soakers. Does the chimney have a lead tray fitted? Did the roofers suggest getting chimney rebuilt? If its a chimney fault then NO they are not accountable. When the fault is rectified the plaster will dry out usually with minimal repairs. If its their fault then yes should be accountable.


Answered 30th Apr 2018

Yes, could be a failure of their workmanship. If I had a roof fail because I hadn’t installed lead flashing correctly, I would feel it’s only fair for me to pay for the re-plaster. Do it nice, don’t do it twice.


Answered 28th Jan 2018

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