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Reloaction of electric meter

Hello Electricians
We have just bought a house,and the exsisting Electric meter+Fusebox are right in the Lounge,which is looking like an eye sore,We are keeing it there and making a box as last option,its hanging on the inside of the boundary wall,My question is have we got the option of Ripping everything from its current location and putting in at the same postion but ouside the wall,In a water proof box?I have seen these boxes online and they are not very expesive either,there is no distance involved,Just putting outside.
Can a qualified electrician do it?or i need to get the supplier involved,I have heard they charge a lot,Should I use it as bargain tool with diffrent Supplier if they try to charge me ?
There is NO DIGGING or extending the cable required,just wants it to be from inside of the wall to outside of the wall,exactly behind the exsisting meter,just on the otherside of the wall

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Relocating the meter and the fusebox is only part of the job. To relocate the incoming supply cable from the road, you need to speak to the connections department of the Distribution Network Operator for you area. The incoming cable belongs to them and is only rented out to the supplier. It typically costs between one to two thousand pounds to get this cable reclocated by the DNO, even though the cable you have is long enough and does not need extending, the Electricity at work Regulations 1989 require that the cable is made dead and safe to work on first, to do this it must be cut outside (as the whole street can not simply be turned off!) to do this a hole on the footpath outside needs to be dug up and the incoming cable cut so its dead and safe for the cable jointer from the DNO to work on safely. It may also disrupt your front garden/drive depending on where they need to dig. Added to this you will have to pay your own electrician to alter your internal house wiring and fit a new BS7671 17th edition fusebox, plus notify building control under part P of the building regulations. Overall allow about £3000 for the works in total.

Hope this helps.


Answered 3rd Jan 2012

To relocate the main it is a big job and it is expensive. It is always a solution With some alteration and half of the price you still can complete the work and comply with regulation and register with the building control through the NICEIC.


Answered 4th Jan 2012

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