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I'm looking to get work down on three rooms of my house but would like advice on the order of work.

Am I correct with the following?

Initial electrics- so sorting socket and getting fittings ready
Skirting boards
Radiators fitted back on (getting new ones)
Final electric fit- light fittings
Rehang new doors

Appreciate some guidance, thanks


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Hi Nicola , as long as the electricians dont have to move any socketts or chase any wireing in to the wall then you are ok with the order you have.

If they do , it might be a good idea to change the first two arround.

Hope that helps

Best wishes Robert


Answered 21st Jan 2018

Hi Nicola.
I would suggest hanging the new doors before the carpet is fitted. You can calculate the thickness of underlay and carpet and reduce the height of the door to accommodate.
This will prevent potential damage and the need to protect carpets from careless tradesmen. You will also save yourself some time cleaning.
Hope this helps.


Answered 22nd Jan 2018

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