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Water leak on chalky ground - how long until it settles?

How long does it take for chalky ground to settle once it has been sodden and the escape of water has been stopped. Leak was due to a broken mains pipe under a neighbour's house not far from our adjoining wall. Was repaired 3 wks ago after 4 weeks.

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hi,, Is this water leak from the natural table or from a pipe,, well you know what to do with the pipe ,,get it fixed,, if not then it may be due to a high level in the water table,, this means that the height of the water penertration of the ground,, ie how far it sinks down and stops,, this high level may cause water seapage from garden walls that have soil backed up behind them ,, hope this points you in the right way



Answered 31st Dec 2011

Not very long, maybe 3-5 days


Answered 28th Jan 2012

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