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Do i have to give my builders the chance to redo shoddy work?

My extension was quoted as 12,then 14-16 then 18 weeks. The experienced team I thought I'd employed changed to a team of apprentices. Although I was a little concerned, I was patient and laid back throughout the build taking the line that I'd rather have a good quality build, within reasonable timescales and budget than hassle them to complete on time. My builders advised me 22 weeks into build that they were "going under" but that I was their top priority and they'd finish in 2 weeks. They disappeared off the job, coming back on odd days. 4 weeks later I called to ask if they could possibly finish the inside work within two weeks and one of the builders shouted at me that he had no manpower as he'd laid of his team; he really scared me (I'm a single female). I didn't feel able to challenge and several weeks later had to get help from a friend's husband to get them to "complete contracted work". I really struggled to get them to "finish". I chose my battles and let alot of things go (loss, damage, unfinished/shoddy work, appropriation of my property etc) and eventually offered to sub contract some of the joinery and take it off the balance to help facilitate completion (they had no competent joiner, no credit and no money). I've struggled to find a joiner to fit the internal doors and have discovered that all my door frames have been fitted too high or too wide so cannot get standard doors fitted. I've had another builder look over the job quickly who says he'd have to replace the door frames and found several other issues such as windows fitted inside out, roof leaking, badly fitted loft hatch, inadequate pointing, electrics not earthed to water or gas (contrary to part P certificate). I don't know what to do. I've lost faith in my builders. Do I have to give them the opportunity to fix or re do the work or can I insist on using another builder? I don't even know if the remaining balance will cover the work yet? Help! PS: Builders haven't actually gone under but partnership has broken down. Spoken to Consumer Advice who have said similar to Senator's reply but I'm very nervous of a) letting builder back in b) refusing builder last opportunity c) withholding payment to pay other builders. I wanted other professional opinions on what is the reasonable thing to do. Thanks

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Very sorry to hear this has happened to you! If the company has gone under or going under, maybe check on companies house - type there company name in or his name as a director and see what it says..
You could always try and go down the small claims court but it wouldn't be worth it. If he is a limited company he may have limited responsibilities. Get in touch with consumer advice helpline they are very helpful.

But in relation to your question, you don't have to give him the chance IF you can prove you have been more than understanding with him and gave him plenty of chances to finish. Ie, deadlines continuously getting delayed and the project over running..

It's a horrible position to be in, I have been there myself and it's not a nice feeling. Keep positive and learn from your mistakes.

Good luck


Answered 5th Jan 2018

Firstly sorry to hear about this and what has happened, and as other answer.
normally you would need to let the builder rectify the work he’s done if not done correctly as he’s been paid to do it, but in your circumstances if he’s as a company director has folded the company you need to check if the company has actually gone bust, or is he saying that so as not to finish the job, has any of the work been seen by building control, have they condemned it?
Keep your head up not all builder are like this and it a horrible what he’s done to you, I would advise getting other builders in to look at the work and see what can be done without doing to much to rectify.


Answered 5th Jan 2018

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