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New roof has wet felt - causes?


I have just had a new roof installed and the felt appears is all wet after heavy rain yesterday.

A photo is here:

The roof tiles are Redland Regent and the roof pitch is ~15degrees and from what I can see the overlap is around 11cm.

- is this normal?
- Should the felt ever get dark patches/wet like that?
- Any ideas what would cause this?

Advice greatfully apreciated as I was hoping to insulate and plaster board next week and am now worried.

I can supply more photos if needed

2 Answers from MyBuilder Roofers

Wet felt can be caused by the pitch being too shallow for the tiles you need to go on the redland website and check if these tiles can be laid at 15 degrees , condensation can also be the cause if you have any new plaster work drying out in the property this will cause the felt to get wet I hope this as helped you

Regards Mr Lethbridge


Answered 30th Dec 2017

Check to see the requirements needed for each type of tile. If the gauge is wrong, (Spacing) you may be getting water ingress when it rains. I've just noticed Lethbridge Roofing commented and they are right in saying what they have said. If you have new plaster drying it will cause condensation. You have probably noticed that when you do the washing, the windows get condensation when the clothes are trying to dry. Similar situation with new plaster. If you can get a local roofer to check the overlap of your tiles to see if it's efficient


Answered 24th Jan 2018

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