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Painting after wallpaper removal


We are moving into a 1960s property shortly and the previous owners seemed to love wallpaper! We are not so keen on wallpaper and would like to redecorate with paint but want to make sure we do the job properly. We’ll be taking the wallpaper off over the next few weeks so are not too sure on what the walls will be like behind it. Assuming they are in relatively good condition can I just sand down the walls and paint over or should I use a primer like Zinsser 123 etc before painting?

Thanks in advance for any help

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Hi Chris,
After you have stripped the walls, you will need to completely rub down every inch of the walls, until smooth, then apply a mist coat of slightly watered down white emulsion, this should show up any defects on the walls, you would need to fill all the defects with easy fill, then Sand down again, then apply 2 coats of emulsion paint,there’s no need to use zinnser unles any stains come through before you apply the the final coat, hope this helps you in your task.


Answered 27th Dec 2017

You would probably find getting the property skimmed Smooth with plaster is more cost and time beneficial to be honest by the time you’ve payed for the filler and spent weeks filling. For instance my team would skim a 2 bed house in around 3/4 days. I hope this was useful to you. Thanks


Answered 27th Dec 2017

Hi. If the the walls are good enough to paint then the most immportant advice I can give you is that all traces of wallpaper paste residue must be removed prior to prep/painting. If not it can cause a reaction (bubbling/peeling paint)


Answered 28th Dec 2017

Personally - I would sand as well as I could and fill anything that needs filling if it's not too bad. Any paste residue can cause your new paint to craze and will be a pain to put right after the event. Zinsser do a product called Gardz which is designed to hold the paste residue back and give a good prep coat for your emulsion. If you use that you don't need to worry about washing all the paste off - just sand it flat.


Answered 1st Jan 2018

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