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Fitting of gas boiler when no gas connection

The house I am moving in to has no gas but can be connected as the rest of the street has it. Is it possible to have a boiler and whole CH system installed before the connection from the mains to the house is completed as this is going to take around 6 - 8 weeks.
Additionally, the gas company wants to know how many meters from the road the gas pipe needs to go, so the further it is the more expensive. Therefore is it possible to have the mains go to the front of the house and then the installer to run the plumbing from there to the back of the house where the boiler is to be installed?

Kind regards John

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Hi John,

A simple answer YES !

We carry out alot of these types of installations, prior to the mains gas to the property being connected.

Everything can be checked on the wet side of the heating system. The gas line can be pressure tested with air from the proposed meter position to the new boiler position.

The gas meter would generally be located at the nearest point to the road supply, as you suggest.

The installer would carry out a gas pipe-work size calculation to determine what size pipe-work should be used around / through the building.

Typically the new pipe would be run from the proposed new meter position, to the first floor, through the floor joists to the new boiler. Or maybe around the outside of the house if the new boiler is in ground floor kitchen / utilit area.

In an event, please post the job on this site so you maybe able to get the ball rolling.

Kind Regards,

Adrian Hagger
southsea plumbing.


Answered 29th Dec 2011

Yes it is possible to fit but obviously it will not be working and the commisioning of the boiler will have to be done when gas is available, you will have to discuss with your gas provider or National Grid to discuss where your meter is to be fitted so that the gas run can be fitted.


Answered 29th Dec 2011

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