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QuestionThe edges of the paper on my ceilings are starting to lift very slightly.

It has been there over 15 years, and is in good order and is painted over with emulsion. How can I flatten it down before I redecorate. I had thought of attempting to lift it and putting some PVA type of glue underneath. This would require a very fine blade (I thought something like a car feeler guage could probably work). Any suggestions please. Many thanks

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Hello there. You will just need to use some strong paste or a overlap adhesive. you can get this from B&Q. I would use a thin blade on a trimming knife to gently get behind the paper, then apply the overlap adhesive then stick back down then gently rub the paper to stick, with a damp cloth. Then the area may need a touch up. Hope this helps.


Rebecca's Decorating Services 17th Mar, 2011

Hi,as the paper is approx 15yrs old,and proberly been painted several times in the past,it will now be very brittle through age, and the amount of paint used on it.I would recommend carefully lift the edges of the paper ,and using a flat blade,smear some decorators caulk on to the ceiling,"not the paper,for fear of it tearing"then smooth the paper back down in place.I dont think normal adhesive will be strong enough to hold the paper down,i have used this tecnique many times with great success,leave for 24hrs to dry fully ,and then repaint,hope this helps,and good luck,?

D.R. Painting and decorating 17th Mar, 2011

use decorators caulk, flatten with a seam roller and wait a few hours before you emulsion

Barron Property & Decorating Services 3rd Apr, 2011

Hi There,
You will need to by a good quality overlap adhesive,gently peel back the effected edges apply the paste to the paper and the surface leave for a minute or so then stick it back and wipe over with a damp sponge. Then leave to fully dry before painting again.

James Cantlon

Can-Dec 29th Mar, 2011

Gently lift the edges with a small decorators filling knife, mix up some wall paper adhesive, maybe a bit thicker and brush on behind paper, stick back down and repaint when dry.


Using a decorators filling knife carefully lift of the edges and apply overlap adhesive or a strong wallpaper paste. Stick the paper back down and rub over with a damp cloth allowing to dry over night. You can then paint over.

DFP Building Services 18th Mar, 2011

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