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Owed money by tradesman

Am owed money from trader who took £1500.00 up front did a little bit of work and promised over a year ago to refund the difference now can’t get hold of him refuses to answer the phone - whats the best way to get the money owing back ?
Thanks Stephen

2 Answers from MyBuilder Driveway Pavers

it depends on whether you have anything in writing to say you gave him the money and why you gave it him.. then you need to prove that what little work he did didn't amount to 1500.. citizens advise would the best place to start... also go to trading standards he will more than likely be on file as he will have more than likely done it before and since and you could be the case they need to take him to court


Answered 20th Dec 2017

That's a learning kerb for you !? Never pay for any work upfront.
Do you have an address for this contractor ? (probably not)
Trading standards is your best bet as for getting your money back don't hold your breath.we would be happy to quote for any work required.


Answered 30th Dec 2017

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