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Rough estimate on cost of upvc windows

Hi All

I am getting a single upvc window and external upvc french doors replaced on my property which are being brought in by my builder.
I have 2 questions regarding this.

Firstly. My builder has advised against buying the window and external door from the big chains such as wickes and rather to buy a spectus door and window as its much better quality. Would you agree with this.

Secondly. He has quoted me £450 for the French doors and £300 for the windows (just cost of window/door not fitting). Does this seem to be correct as I can't see spectus publish their prices anywhere online.

Approx size for window opening is 32inches x 60 inches. Top half of window will open outwards.

Door will be 4ft French door fully glazed, standard height

I appreciate it's hard to give accurate price without full detail. I'm just trying to see if it's in the correct ballpark and or if I'm being taken for a ride. Both door and window are going to be basic. Nothing fancy.

Thanks all

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Hello, from what I can gather from your description I estimate I would be able to get the French doors for about £400-£420 so Its not far off from what you have been quoted. You would be looking at the £500 mark for supply and fit of a standard upvc french door.


Answered 16th Dec 2017

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