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How to secure a one piece cast iron fireplace without lugs to the wall

There are no lugs, no obvious way to fix it securely to the wall, can you help please? Its only for décor.

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Hi Steff 54
there are a couple of ways you can do this.
1. if the fixing bolts that secure the mantle on are long enough yon can attach L brackets to them pointing up. put the fire in place and mark the brackets on the wall above the mantle. chisel out the plaster, secure the brackets to the wall using screws and then fill over the brackets
2 Put the fire in place. Mark the outside of each leg on the wall 50mm below the mantel and 50mm up from the hearth. Attach a wooden baton to the wall inside these marks.( make sure the baton is not to thick IE make sure the fireplace can still touch the wall. Using a metal drill put a small hole in the outside of each leg to line up with the batons. secure the fireplace to the wall using a countersunk self tapping screw. (try and use black ones they dont show up as much).
Cheers Dave


Answered 16th Dec 2017

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