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Wind noise in room above garage


Moved into a new build and the bedroom over the garage is causing no end of problems.

The room is in the roof above garage. It’s a pitched roof and there is a small cold space above the ceiling, so we have 1.5 metres of wall then a slanted wall/ceiling and then flat ceiling in the middle. The noise in the room is unbearable the wind seems to hit the house on the gable end and blows through the roof cavity. It almost sounds like we are in a tent!
There looks to be tiles then membrane then Kingspan in slanted bit stopping just above the flat part of ceiling which has rock wool. How can they stop the wind noise through the slanted part of ceiling and in the cold space. I had a look and the wind is around 15 mph and we can’t sleep for the noise of the wind/ felt membrane. The builder seems reluctant to do anything. Could the tiles be letting wind in as it seems to be coming from everywhere

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If you have a membrane that is flapping and making the noise you can get roof battens and attach them to stop the flapping.

Make sure you get the right ones, your local builders merchant will be able to advise on this.

They are cheap and you just nail/screw them in place to stop any flapping.


Answered 13th Dec 2017

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