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Blocked kitchen sink

My kitchen sink is draining very slowly for 1 week now . I have tried mr muscle , baking soda and vinegar and also plunging .
I have 1 and a half sinks with a inksinerater connected to the half sink . So when plunging the water is moving between the sink hole and the waste disposal hole . And now I have water sitting at the bottom of my dishwasher, which drains into the sink when I turn the dish washer on !
I have been told to use one shot drain cleaner but heard it can melt pipes?? . Or is is time to call a plumber ?

2 Answers from MyBuilder Plumbers

Undo the pipes u bend and clean out if that’s not blocked then used industrial sink unblocker if problem still persists contact a plumber


Answered 11th Dec 2017

the most common cause is food waste so open u bend pipe under sink and clean out, if it does not work ring a plumber


Answered 11th Dec 2017

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