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How much space to leave on an extension when the neighbour has a non-party wall.

Hello all,

Seeking some advice please.
We are looking to build a single story kitchen/Diner extension on the back of our property.
We are an end terrace house with one connected neighbour to our left.
He has already built an extension onto the back of his house, but the previous owner of ours declined the offer to make it a party wall.
We are aware we need to not build up to his wall, but how much space do we need to leave?
He has raised some concerns about enough room should there be a problem with his wall in the future. He hasn't formally complained and we would hope to avoid needing to go down the full planning permission route if possible.
Thank you.

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Hi Greg, you are entitled to build right up to the boundary, consult a Party Wall Surveyor for advice to qualify. If you are building under Permitted Development your scheme should not include any new Party Walls in any case. Remember your duty under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, if you excavating with the intent to construct within three metres of somebody else property then you must serve that person a 3m Notice. You can have this done by a Party Wall Surveyor , they will typically charge you £250 -£350 its money well spent as you will be able to get all the advice you need and they will clarify for you your rights under the Act. Your neighbour can either then consent to the principle of your works or request a Party Wall Award, but either way nothing can stop you actually building.

Best Wishes Lee (Davidson Architects)


Answered 12th Dec 2017

Ideally a one meter service strip but always check with local planning department first.


Answered 10th Dec 2017

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