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Cheapest way to extend into the garden and let in lots of light

Hi all,

I'd like to extend out the rear of our house by about 2m (2 X 5.5m) to increase living space as well as let in lots of light. The space will be open plan with the existing kitchen and dining room. It'll be north facing so I imagine it will get less strong direct light vs. a south facing build. We'd really like 2 large glass sliding doors so we get the "outside in" feeling.

My question is what would be the best cost effective solution, taking insulation into consideration too? As far as I'm aware the options are:

Conservatory with glass roof
Conservatory with insulated corners
Extension with velux windows
Extension with glass roof

Our budget is around £25k including ikea kitchen, kitchen fitting, flooring, heating etc. Which of these options would be best for us?

Thanks in advance!


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my best bet would be solid walls with large glass bifolds and solid roof with
velux roof lights, your budget with be deemed on your finishing kichen
flooring etc as for insulation etc that would need to comply with building regs.


Answered 5th Dec 2017

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