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QuestionCan I plasterboard over the artex on my ceiling and walls?

I have a house that is artexed on almost evry wall and ceiling, and I was quoted a price that was nearly £400 per room, which is just unaffordable. I was considering plasterboarding over the walls and ceiling and then using some plasterboard sealer before decorating- is this going to work?

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And how much do you think plasterboarding all your walls & ceilings is going to be..............adhesive,screws plus joint cement,tape,sandpaper,plasterboard sealer............do you want me to go on?
Save up & get it done properly.

carl melady 22nd Dec, 2011

Hi Alice,

£400 a room is cheap.

Kind Regards


Rebel Carpenter 22nd Dec, 2011

400 pounds per room is a good price,dotting and dabbing over artex ,taping jointing and sanding will probably cost more in time and labour ,materials,if you cant afford it now wait till you can

substructure 22nd Dec, 2011

£400 per room sounds a good price, it will cost a lot more boarding it all.


If you mean you were quoted £400 a room to plaster all walls and ceiling,then this is very reasonable.I know you say that it is unaffordable but couldnt you do one room at a time and get it done over a longer period? You can board all these rooms yourself but painted board is nowhere near as good as a plastered finish and you may find that as well as saving very little,it could be much more work than you anticipated.Save up and get someone in would be my advice.

Roc builders 22nd Dec, 2011


plasterboard is a costly route to go down if you dont have the buget, as your gonna spend £££ just on the plasterboard alone.
your best bet is to strip back artex and re-plaster, "don’t just skim over artex"

best of luck to you and merry Christmas




Unless you are professional ,i would not go down this road, with the ceilings it depends on the thickness off the artex you have to board over if you can flatten it off thens its ok ,but you could spend £150 on materials per room
boards,adhesive jointing plaster and sealer also have to buy the right tools
then still end up with a rough job ,i would advise you to save up and plaster
a room at a time ,this is not trying to keep work for plasterers ,just seen seen to many mistakes in the past,board filled then still had to employ plasterer to smooth rooms,unless you are confident of achieving a smooth finish
i do not think it is worth the money you are saving

Trident Damp 23rd Dec, 2011

hi yes you can just over board the ceiling and skim . walls can be overboarded depending on state of them or bonding coated and skim always best to take old walls back to brick for best job depending on buget hope that helps regad chris

christopher warren 23rd Dec, 2011

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